Maharaja Mixer Grinder Solo Happiness

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Total Price RS.4,570.00
Colour Red and White
Weight 3.56

Product Description


A powerful motor of 500W is installed to facilitate easy wet and dry grinding. With this mixer grinder, you can easily grind whole spices, soaked lentils and prepare a variety of shakes and smoothies.

Three Versatile Attachments

This mixer grinder comes with three different jars measuring 1.5L, 1L and 0.3L for liquidizing, grinding and chutney making. Made from heavy duty stainless steel, these jars will last for years to come.

Super Sharp Blades

Super sharp blades in the three jars facilitate smooth grinding and blending. These blades are so efficient that you can easily perform both wet and dry grinding and prepare a variety of shakes and smoothies.

Ergonomic Handle

The liquidizing jar is fitted with an ergonomic handle to facilitate easy mounting, dismounting and pouring.

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